Terms & Conditions of Sale

Absentee bids are executed competitively and confidentially. All reservations for phone bidding are held in the strictest confidence and must be received by 5pm the day before the auction. No additional phone bids can be accepted on the day of the auction including additions when speaking with a staff person on the phone.

Leaving an absentee or phone bid on a lot indicates your willingness to open the bidding at one half the printed low estimate and gives the auctioneer the authority to open the bidding at that level. The card that you leave on file may be charged the opening bid if a bid is left on a high value item including: all silver, gold and jewelry.

In our experience, cellular phones are not always dependable, and we recommend phone bidding reservations be made on landlines. We make every effort to honor all absentee and phone bid reservations, but we are not liable for any losses incurred as a result of failure to execute absentee bids or failed phone reservations. Also, please note that we do not accept CUT bids and if a bid does not fall within our bidding increments, a lower possible bid may be accepted by the floor, internet or phone bidder.

Prospective buyers are strongly advised to examine personally any property in which they are interested, before the auction takes place. If a bidder is unable to view an item in person, they are responsible for obtaining/ requesting a condition report and/or additional photographs prior to bidding to determine an article’s condition, size and any other pertinent information. We strive to be fair and forthright with our descriptions and condition reports, however bidders must acknowledge that antique items often show normal signs of use and wear, which might not be specified in a condition report. If you are very particular with expectations of perfection for the items you purchase, it is advisable that you inspect items in person or that you do not submit absentee bids, as your definition of condition may be more exacting than a specialist could have time to verify.

Refund Policy: All items are sold “AS IS” and there will be no returns based on condition. The items sold are often of considerable age and will exhibit wear, usage and damage often not listed in the catalog entry. The absence of condition remarks in the catalog entry DOES NOT mean the item is in perfect condition. Prospective buyers are in ALL CASES responsible for determining the physical condition of lots. Condition reports are available upon request from the auction house. However, neither Auctioneer, his or her employees or agents is authorized to make on Auctioneer’s behalf or on that of the Consignor any representation or warranty, oral or written, with respect to any property. Therefore, if a prospective bidder has not examined the property to their satisfaction before the sale, or his/her agent has not inspected the property, Auctioneer recommends that they not bid on the property. All dimensions are approximate.

Written or oral descriptions are our opinions only and should in no way be construed as a guarantee or warranty of any kind. If you require absolute certainty in all areas of authenticity, and the results of your evaluation leave uncertainty in your mind, we recommend that you do not bid on the item in question.

All Florida Bidders are subject to Florida Sales Tax (7%) unless a current Florida Certificate of Resale is on file at the time of registration. No exceptions.

All sales are subject to an 28% buyer’s premium added to the final hammer price. 3% Discount if paid by cash or check. **APPLICABLE ONLY TO IN-HOUSE, PHONE, AND ABSENTEE BIDDERS.**

The buyer shall be the highest bidder.

If payment has not been received 3 business days after the sale, either the card on file will be charged to cover the amount on the invoice or the item will be considered unsold and therefore available for sale.

Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any bids that are deemed inappropriate or withdraw any item before or during the sale prior to the item coming up on the auction block.

Buyer hereby agrees that any suit, action or legal proceeding arising out of or relating to the auction shall be brought solely and exclusively in the courts of the State of Florida in and for Sarasota County. Buyer further waives the right of jury trial, considering arbitration and reasonable means of reconciliation foremost.

When the Auctioneer says, SOLD, title on the property shall pass to the successful bidder, who thereupon assumes full risk and responsibility. The purchasers at their own risk and expense shall remove said paid property unless prior arrangements have been made with the auction.

All won lots after 15 business days after the day of the sale will be charged $5 a day storage fee. After 30 business days from the date of the sale the item will become property of the auction house and will be seen as abandoned.

This applies to paid and unpaid items.



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