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Featured Items from our previous auction on November 15, 2020

Nov 15th Auction
We are preparing for our upcoming November 15th Auction
Our specialization

We have a passion for finding, selling, and restoring beautiful pieces of history. Let us help you find your next piece!

Fine Art

Our team of experienced appraisers and fine art specialists are proud to contribute to growth in the global art market while working with you, here in Sarasota, Florida.


Our team of experts will do all the needed research for you to discover the history and value of each particular antique brought into or sold by our store.


We will help you sell or discover the perfect piece of furniture that is just right for your situation.


We offer jewelry with a variety of price points for every collector’s needs. Contact us for a free valuation or to discuss buying and selling with Sarasota Estate Auction.

Porcelain & Ceramic

The intricate details on these pieces set each one apart from the others. Looking to sell your collection? Looking to add to your current collection? We would love to help you accomplish that!


Throughout history, sculptures have been created with various materials, but all demonstrate the beauty of the artist’s mind that created them. Let us help you create a new home for the sculptures of the past!

Our services

Whether you are simply curious about the value of a family heirloom, or you have pieces of artwork that you would like to sell or have restored to their original beauty, or you are looking for the perfect new piece to compliment your current decor or collection, our team at Sarasota Estate Auction is here to help!



Through our network of qualified appraisers, we can give you a fair assessment of what your item might bring at our next auction.



We are Florida’s leading destination for Fine art, Sculptures, Furniture, Objets d’art, and other antiquities. Our team offers verbal appraisals and is always buying.


Restoration and Repair

In order to bring the maximum value at auction, we can refer you to our professionals who expertly mix century-old techniques with modern restoration technology to create some of the best repairs in the world.